Lab One Specialized Hospital Ltd.


Lab One Specialized Hospital

Lab One Specialized Hospital is being providing all the modern facilities for the diagnosis and management of patients with haematology disorders. We are giving our best efforts in the field of health care services. By the year September, 2014 we have achieved the recognition of Lab One Specialized hospital. Because we are providing cameo-therapy for all cancer patients specially blood cancer like Luekemia, & Lymphoma, Thalassaemia and Haemophilia. Patients are getting special services from this hospital. Treatment facilities for the patients of Multiple Myeloma, Aplastic Anaemia, ITP, DIC. Haemorrhagic dengue fever are also available here at Lab One.

Highly specialized tests like Bone Marrow examination, Trephine Biopsy required for the diagnosis of blood disorders & Secondary Haematological disorder are also available at Lab One. We are doing Bone Marrow aspiration in the operation theatre & patient does not feel any pain during the procedure.

Haemoglobin Electrophoresis for the diagnosis of Thalassaemia for coagulation & bleeding disorder are also available at Lab One.