About Lab One Foundation of Thalassaemia

Lab One Foundation of Thalassaemia has started its journey from 1st January in 2000 to establish a complete, comprehensive and one stop haematology hospital. Since last 15 years, we are giving our best efforts in the field of health care services. From the very beginning we were committed with a view to providing haematology based general medical services at our premises.

To fulfill the demand of blood and blood products, we have own Blood Bank and Blood Donor Club. We ensure safe blood transfusion 24 hours by collecting safe blood after five important screening tests (HIV, HCV, HBs Ag, VDRL and MP).

We are giving caemo-therapy for all cancer patients specially blood cancer. Thalassaemia & Haemophilia patients are getting special services from this hospital. All kinds of treatment facilities are available for Thalassaemia patients at Lab One Foundation of Thalassaemia.

Haemoglobin Electrophoresis for the diagnosis of Thalassaemia; tests coagulation and bleeding disorder are also available at Lab One.


Our Services :

  • Routine health check up: Medical officer and Haematologist.
  • Consultancy : 01. Medical officer 24 hours, 02. Haematologist daily.
  • Routine & special Laboratory investigations for the thalassaemia patients.
  • Transfusion of blood & blood products.
  • Operation facilities- 01. Splenectomy, 02. Others
  • Iron chelation facilities.
  • Pre marriage counseling.
  • Thalassaemia awareness program & Thalassaemia Registry
  • Upcoming facilities-01. Pre-Natal diagnosis of Thalassaemia 02.Bone Marrow Transplantation


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Contact Details:

Lab One Foundation of Thalassaemia

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