Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

We are Lab One family. Our family members are Lab One Hospital Limited, Lab One Specialized Hospital Limited & Lab One Limited. So we are in group named Lab One Group. Now we are working with Lab One Hospital Limited. Lab One Hospital Limited is a Haematology based general Hospital where common general medical facilities are also available.

Subsequently we would like to start a journey with Lab One Specialized Hospital Limited & Lab One Limited.

We have a foundation named Lab One Foundation which is registered under the societies registration at 1860 (Act XX) of (1860), CRS No. S-11926 of 2014.This foundation is a Non Political, Non-Profitable, Non-Govt., Voluntary and Charitable organization. It is working with different fields of humanitarian works. Beside this, Lab One Foundation has Seven specialized annexes. The annex’s are-

Bangladesh is a small country but we have huge population. Government is working whole heartily to provide health services for the citizen of this country. Private sectors are also coming forward to create heath care facility along with the government. Haematology or blood disorder is a Newer, under development fast growing field in Bangladesh. So we are expecting co-operations & positive attitude from every corner to facilitate & flare up  modern Haematology services in Bangladesh.

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